RuffNeck Fixed-Height Basketball System


For a low-cost traditional playground look, nothing beats the RuffNeck! Made with a 4 1/2″ galvanized gooseneck pole, the RuffNeck is perfect for parks and schools where sturdiness and rigidity is most called for.

The backboard on the RuffNeck mounts 48″ from the vertical part of the post, providing a safe and secure court for even the most aggressive play. The RuffNeck comes in 12 different backboard and rim options. Backboard choices include clear acrylic, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The RuffNeck features the First Team lifetime limited warranty.

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The RuffNeck fixed-height basketball system features a solid 4 1/2″ galvanized gooseneck pole, providing an old school look with all the safe and sturdy details guaranteed to handle tough and rough play. The distance from the backboard to the post on the RuffNeck is 48″. The RuffNeck can handle all of the challenges of unsupervised play and has a First Team lifetime limited warranty.

Twelve backboard options are available with the RuffNeck. Choose between three clear acrylic backboards (36″x54″, 36″x60″ and 42″x72″), three steel backboards (36″x60″, 42″x60″ and 42″x72″), four aluminum backboards (36″x54″ fan-shaped, 36″x60″, 42″x60″ and 42″x72″ perforated), and two fiberglass backboards (39″x54″ fan-shaped and 42″x72).

Double-rim fixed goals are standard on all backboard systems using steel, aluminum and fiberglass and flex rims are standard on the clear acrylic systems but either of the two rims can be used on all systems at the customer’s request.

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