About Us

Atomic is a family owned business located in Hesston, Kansas. The roots of the business stretch back to 1987 when Dale Brubacher began a screen printing company providing uniforms and other garments to local schools and organizations.

As that business grew in both scope and scale, Atomic also noted the requests from many customers who sought a reliable source for sports equipment. And so, in 2000, Atomic made the natural step to adding the sale of equipment for basketball, volleyball, and soccer, primarily through the First Team brand.

The First Team brand is featured at playatomic.com offering complete systems for basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis, pickleball, and lacrosse. Seating options are also available including full-size bleachers as well as individualized sport-specific padded chairs. Atomic can also provide parts for many situations that require replacements or upgrades.

Primary staff at Atomic include company founder Dale Brubacher, his wife Deb, and their two nephews, Scott and Andy, each of whom prides themselves in their knowledge of the products they sell. Atomic’s close location to First Team headquarters in Hutchinson, Kansas further enhances their ability to remain up to date with any developments in the industry.

Atomic Sports staff image