RollaJam Portable Basketball Goal


The RollaJam sets the standard for portable residential basketball goals. The RollaJam is a solid unit that far exceeds the sturdiness of sand-filled systems.

Rim height adjusts from 10′ down to 7′ with a distance from the backboard to the base of the unit of 24″. Available in six backboard packages featuring either tempered glass or clear acrylic backboards.

All RollaJam units come with a First Team Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Please call for multiple unit discounts!

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The RollaJam stands alone among residential portable basketball goals. The sturdiness of the RollaJam far exceeds the capabilities of sand-filled units.

A simple to use hand crank allows the rim of the RollaJam to be adjusted from 10′ down to 7′. The distance from the backboard to the base of the unit is 24″.┬áTo move the RollaJam, simply lower the post and the unit rotates onto the transport wheel and the goal can be moved into a garage or through any standard double doors.

Base padding, in a variety of colors, is included with every RollaJam.

The RollaJam comes in six backboard configurations so the perfect backboard may be chosen for most any situation. Both tempered glass and clear acrylic backboards are available and three board sizes (36″x48″, 36’x54″, 36″x60″) allow you to choose the perfect combination.

The ballast for the RollaJam is provided by 8 4″x8″x16″ cement blocks. Simply remove the ballast covers and place the blocks inside and the RollaJam will be solid for dunking and all types of basketball play.

All RollaJam units come with the First Team Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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