PowerMount Wall Mount System


For situations where floor space is limited, the PowerMount system provides sturdy play for all ages. The backboard of the PowerMount attaches 12″ from the wall and the unit is sturdy enough to support height adjusters if raising and lowering the rim is needed.

The PowerMount has nine backboard options featuring tempered glass, clear acrylic, steel, or fiberglass.

All PowerMount systems feature the First Team lifetime limited warranty.

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Backboard padding adds safety to your system. Padding is available for tempered glass and clear acrylic backboards.

Padding Color

List the color below that you would like the padding to be. Options are: black, royal blue, red, forest green, and grey.

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The PowerMount is a perfect choice for situations where a backboard needs to fit into a tight space. The PowerMount has a sturdy wall-mount structure that mounts the backboard 12″ from the wall.  All PowerMount structures include a First Team lifetime limited warranty.

Optional First Team FT300 or FT310 height adjusters may be added to the PowerMount. The height adjusters will allow the rim to be lowered down to 8′.

Tempered glass  backboards are available in four different types: 42″x72″ w/lifetime warranty, 42″x72″ w/10-year warranty, 36″x60″, and 39″x54″ fan-shaped. Clear acrylic boards come in 42″x72″ and 36″x60″ and a 42″x60″ steel backboard is also available. Fiberglass backboards are also available in 42″x72″ and 39″x54″ fan-shaped.

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