FoldaMount 46 Side Folding Wall Mount System


For situations where basketball goals need to be folded against the wall to make room for other activities, the FoldaMount 46 is a perfect solution. Attached to the wall with three heavy-duty wallboards, the FoldaMount is sturdy enough to support any level of play and when the goals need to be moved to the side with just a few easy steps.

The telescoping arms of the FoldaMount allow the backboard to be set at any point between 4 feet to 6 feet from the wall, so the system will be able to perfectly match any court markings that might be in place.

The FoldaMount has eleven backboard options featuring tempered glass, clear acrylic, steel, or fiberglass.

All FoldaMount systems feature the First Team lifetime limited warranty.

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Backboard padding adds safety to your system. Padding is available for tempered glass and clear acrylic backboards.

Padding Color

List the color below that you would like the padding to be. Options are: black, royal blue, red, forest green, and grey.

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The FoldaMount 46 basketball system is an excellent solution for any facility that wants a sturdy goal system but needs to be able to clear court space. When not in use, the unit folds to the side and out of the way to make room for volleyball or any other activity. Much less expensive than ceiling mount systems, the FoldaMount 46 is adaptable for most any gymnasium or recreational facility. The mounting structure of the FoldaMount has telescoping arms allowing the backboard to be set at any point between 4′ and 6′ from the wall.

Three dense southern yellow pine wallboards attach to the wall and the mounting structure and safety chains secure the backboard to the wallboards. The unit easily handles the extra weight of height adjusters for situations where the rim needs to be raised and lowered.

Tempered glass ¬†backboards are available in five different types: 42″x72″ w/lifetime warranty, 42″x72″ w/10-year warranty, 36″x60″, 40″x54″ and 39″x54″ fan-shaped. Clear acrylic boards come in 42″x72″ and 36″x60″ and 42″x72″ and 42″x60″ steel backboards are also available. Fiberglass backboards are also available in 42″x72″ and 39″x54″ fan-shaped.

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