OmniChamp Portable Basketball Goal


The OmniChamp is a major upgrade from the sand-filled systems sold by the retail chain stores. The OmniChamp is sturdy and safe to use in any weather conditions and also works great indoors.

Rim height adjusts from 10′ down to 7′ with a distance from the backboard to the base of the unit of 19″. Available in six backboard packages featuring either tempered glass or clear acrylic backboards.

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Pole padding and backboard padding add safety and a great look to your system.

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Much better than the sand-filled goals purchased at the big box stores, the OmniChamp is a great choice for a low cost goal when an adjustable height, portable goal is needed. The OmniSlam is designed for home use but is also perfect for recreational play, both indoors and outdoors, in churches and other multi-purpose facilities.

Adjusting the rim height of the OmniChamp is done by using a pole such as a broom handle to release the bracket behind the backboard and move the rim to the desired location. The rim can be adjusted every 6″ from 10′ down to 7′. The distance from the backboard to the base of the unit is 19″ when the rim is at 10′.┬áThe handy transport handle allows the goal to be moved over any level and smooth surface.

The OmniChamp comes in six backboard configurations so the perfect backboard may be chosen for most any situation. Both tempered glass and clear acrylic backboards are available and three board sizes (36″x48″, 36’x54″, 36″x60″) allow you to choose the perfect combination.

The oversize ballast plug opens easily to accept up to 500 pounds of sand.

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