Vector Adjustable Basketball Goal


The Vector is a durable, entry-level basketball system that offers infinite adjustment from 10′ down to 7′.  Like all goals manufactured by First Team, the Vector is US made.

The rim height on the Vector is adjusted with an awning crank that is used in front of the pole. This allows the Vector to be installed right next to fences or other constructs where a rear-mounted crank couldn’t be used.  The backboard easily moves from 10′ down to 7′. The distance from the backboard to the post is 32″ when the rim is at 10′. There are six different backboard and rim options available for the Vector.

All Vector units have a First Team Lifetime Superior Warranty.

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Base Plate

If you would like to have a base plate for use with an anchor kit rather than being a direct-bury pole, please check the box below.


Pole padding and backboard padding add safety and a great look to your system. Pole padding and backboard padding may be purchased separately or purchased together for a package price.

Padding Color

List the color below that you would like the padding to be. Options are: black, royal blue, red, forest green, and grey.

Custom Lettering

Customize your pole pad with lettering.

Lettering Color

Choose the color of your custom lettering. Color options are: black, white, royal blue, red, gold, purple, kelly green, columbia blue, maroon, gray, navy blue, orange.

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A common challenge for installing adjustable basketball goals are situations where the pole needs to be mounted near a fence, wall, or other obstruction. When that happens, there isn’t sufficient space behind the goal for a crank or any other adjustment mechanism to fit. The Vector, with it’s front-mounted crank, is the perfect solution to that problem. Like all First Team goals, the Vector is made in the USA.

The Vector has an 11 gauge 4″x4″ square post. When the rim height is at 10′, the distance from the backboard to the post is 32″. The goal adjusts from 10′ down to 7′ with an awning crank used on the front of the pole. The standard Vector system comes with a direct bury pole but a base plate option is also available if an anchor kit installation is preferred or the goals are going where an anchor kit already exists.

The Vector comes in six different backboard and rim combinations. Backboards are available in tempered glass and clear acrylic in sizes of 36″x48″, 36″x54″, or 36″x60″. Pole and backboard padding is available for all Vector units.

All Vector adjustable goals have a Lifetime Superior Warranty.


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