PowerHouse 5 and PowerHouse 6 Adjustable Basketball Goal


If your preference is to have an unobstructed view behind your backboard, the PowerHouse 5 & 6 systems are the first choice. First Team’s Clearspan backboards provide the ultimate in aesthetic appeal. Like all goals manufactured by First Team, the PowerHouse 5 & 6 are US made.

The PowerHouse 5 & 6 adjust down to 7′.  For the PowerHouse 5, the distance from the backboard to the post is 36″ when the rim is at 10′. The post to rim distance for the PowerHouse 6 is 36″ for the 60″ backboard and 48″ for the 72″ The PowerHouse 5 comes with a 42″x60″ tempered glass backboard and the PowerHouse 6 has the option of a 42″x60″ or 42″x72″ tempered glass backboard.

All PowerHouse units have a First Team Lifetime Superior Warranty.

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Pole padding and backboard padding add safety and a great look to your system. Pole padding and backboard padding may be purchased separately or purchased together for a package price.

Padding Color

List the color below that you would like the padding to be. Options are: black, royal blue, red, forest green, and grey.

Custom Lettering

Customize your pole pad with lettering.

Lettering Color

Choose the color of your custom lettering. Color options are: black, white, royal blue, red, gold, purple, kelly green, columbia blue, maroon, gray, navy blue, orange.

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H-frame basketball goals are great for strength and durability, but some people don’t like to see the H-frame structure behind the rim when playing. The First Team PowerHouse 5 & 6 basketball systems are the perfect choice for those who want a clear view behind the backboard. And the Powerhouse 5 & 6 still provide excellent strength and rigidity. Like all First Team goals, the PowerHouse 5 and 6  are made in the USA.

PowerHouse units come with either 5″x5″ or 6″x6″ post with  3/16″ thick steel. Rim height adjustment goes from 10′ down to 7′. When the rim height is at 10′, the distance from the backboard to the post is 36″ on the PowerHouse 560 and PowerHouse 660 and 48″ on the PowerHouse 672.

The PowerHouse is mounted to the ground using a bolt down anchor system. This system is much easier to install than direct bury poles and, additionally, allows the goal to be relocated if that is ever needed. The PowerHouse features the First Team Weatherguard rustproof undercoat protection which galvanizes the steel prior to powder coating.

All PowerHouse backboards are tempered glass. The PowerHouse 560 has a 42″x60″ backboard and the PowerHouse 6 has a choice between 42″x60″ (PowerHouse 660) and 42″x72″ (PowerHouse 672). Pole and backboard padding is available for all PowerHouse units

All PowerHouse adjustable goals have a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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PowerHouse 560, PowerHouse 660, PowerHouse 672


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