Make a splash with First Team’s HydroGoals poolside basketball systems! The Hydros come in three different models, each with three different backboard and rim combinations. Like all goals manufactured by First Team, every Hydro goal is US made.

Options include one fixed height system, the HydroSport, and two height adjustable systems, the HydroChamp and the HydroShot. All of the Hydro goals, even the rims, are constructed with zinc-coated steel to weather the extra moisture from being poolside.

All Hydro units have a First Team Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Please call for multiple unit discounts!

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Pole padding and backboard padding add safety and a great look to your system. Pole padding and backboard padding may be purchased separately or purchased together for a package price.

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List the color below that you would like the padding to be. Options are: black, royal blue, red, forest green, and grey.

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First Team went to the next level in its construction of its series of Hydro goals. All have galvanized, zinc-coated materials, including even the rim, to provide extra durability to handle the moisture of being situated poolside. The Hydros come in three models, so you can choose the best option for your location. Like all First Team goals, the PowerHouse 5 and 6  are made in the USA.

The HydroSport is a fixed-height system. The extension arm, however, can be attached at any point along the post to set the rim at your desired height. The HydroChamp is an adjustable height goal. The rim can be moved up and down every 6″ over a range of 2’6″. The HydroShot is the gold medal winner of the Hydro line, with an easy to use hand crank mounted on the top of the pole. The range of rim height adjustment is 3’6″.

Distance from the backboard to the post is 24″ on the HydroSport and, when the rim is at full height, 18″ for the HydroChamp and 36″ for the HydroShot. All Hydro posts are constructed with 3/16″ thick 4″x4″ steel. The goals are installed via an anchor system, which allows the goal to be moved in the future if needed. An attractive cover is provided to hide the anchor bolts.

The Hydro backboards are clear acrylic and come in three sizes, 36″x48″, 36″x54″, and 36″x60″. Backboard padding is available for all Hydro units.

All Hydro goals have a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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HydroShot II, HydroShot III, HydroShot Select, HydroChamp II, HydroChamp III, HydroChamp Select, HydroSport II, HydroSport III, HydroSport Select


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