Astro Aluminum Competition Volleyball System


For a durable light weight volleyball system, nothing tops the Astro. The uprights of the Astro are made of high strength aluminum, making them easy to move while still providing strength for high level volleyball play.

The Astro comes in a stand alone unit or side by side units which use a shared center pole. All Astro systems include a competition Kevlar net, net antennas, padded rope covers, height gauge, and pole padding. Pole pad customization is also included. Astro Complete units include the floor sockets needed to mount the system and the Astro Express excludes the floor sockets for situations where the sockets are already in place.

The Astro meets the standards set by NCAA, NHSF, and USVBA regulations. The Astro is also covered by First Team’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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The Astro aluminum competition volleyball system features 3.5″ diameter uprights made of high strength aluminum. The Astro is a lightweight system that is still strong enough to handle play at all levels.

The Astro’s wormgear net tensioning system won’t back drive and eliminates the risk of the handle flying loose. ┬áNet height adjustment is simple with the telescoping spring loaded pistons and the net can be easily changed to any height from 78″ to 98″. A competition Kevlar net is included as are net antennas, padded rope covers, and height gauge. Astro Complete units include floor sockets and, if floor sockets are already in place, Astro Express units come without the sockets.

The Astro comes in stand alone units or side by side units that share the center pole.

Post padding, available in 16 colors, is also included on all Astro systems. Custom lettering for the pads is also free.

Astro systems meet all requirements for the NCAA, NHSF, and USVBA regulations.

The Astro has a First Team Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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