PortaCourt Stellar Portable Volleyball System


For situations where mounting floor sockets isn’t possible, the PortaCourt Stellar is a perfect choice for recreational volleyball play. The PortaCourt Stellar is a huge upgrade from the tip and roll systems that are commonly used.

The PortaCourt Stellar can be easily moved out of the way when not in use and can be tucked away in a storage closet if needed. Set up is quick and easy with the PortaCourt Stellar and the net height adjusts to men’s, women’s and junior heights.

All PortaCourt Stellar units include a net, net antennas, rope covers and post and base padding. An option including a judges stand is also available.

The PortaCourt Stellar is covered by First Team’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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The PortaCourt Stellar is an ideal choice for gymnasiums, churches, and other rec facilities where a high quality recreational volleyball system is needed and installing floor sockets isn’t an option. The PortaCourt Stellar, with it’s solid bases and bow-string tight net tensioning system, is levels above the tip and roll systems that are commonly used for recreational volleyball play.

Each base of the PortaCourt Stellar is designed to hold 570 pounds of customer provided ballast (19 4″x8″x16″ solid cement blocks). Lower the three footpads to the floor and ┬áthe PortaCourt Stellar won’t budge. When the unit isn’t in use, crank up the footpads and one adult can easily move the base. The posts may be removed from the welded sleeves on the front of the unit and the PortaCourt Stellar can be moved into a storage closet through a standard height doorway.

The net tensioning system allows the net to be pulled tight and the height adjustment is simple so the net can be raised or lowered to match men’s, women’s, and junior heights. A competition Kevlar net is included as are net antennas, and padded rope covers. A Sturdy-Stand padded judges stand is also available.

Post padding and base padding, available in 16 colors, is also included on all PortaCourt Stellar systems. Custom lettering for the pads is also free.

The PortaCourt Stellar has a First Team Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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PortaCourt Stellar Complete, PortaCourt Stellar Complete-ST w/judges stand


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