Golden Goal 44 Semi-Permanent Soccer Goals


The Golden Goal 44 series of semi-permanent soccer goals provide the clean look of a permanent goal with the option to remove the posts when the area is needed for other purposes. Golden Goal 44 goals are designed to support soccer play at the highest levels.

Golden Goal goals are made of 4″x4″ square white powder coated aluminum posts and crossbars and also have European-style backstays for a great look.

Net attachment is made with the First Team “Stay-Put” net attachment system which eliminates the need for clips, ties, or velcro. A hexagonal net is included with every World Class goal.

Golden Goal 44 goals meet the requirements for NCAA, NHSF, and FIFA rules.

Prices shown are for a pair of goals. Please call for multiple unit discounts!

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Golden Goal 44 semi-permanent soccer goals are manufactured with a 4″x4″ square aluminum white powder coated frame and have white powder coated European-style backstays as well. Golden Goal 44 semi-permanent goals include ground sockets with chrome plated cover lids. When you wish to move the goals, simply lift them from the sockets, close the cover lid and the area can be used for other purposes. Mowing also becomes much easier when the goals are removed.

Net attachment is done with the exclusive First Team “Stay-Put” attachment system which eliminates the need for clips, ties, or velcro. A heavy-duty hexagonal net is included in all systems.

The Golden Goal 44 comes in five sizes consistent with regulations for soccer play of all ages. All Golden Goal 44 soccer units meet NCAA, NHSF, and FIFA rules.

Pricing shown is for a pair of goals.

Golden Goal 44 goals all have a First Team Lifetime Superior Warranty.

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Golden Goal 44 Elite-SP (24×8), Golden Goal 44 Sr. Club-SP (21×7), Golden Goal 44 Jr. Club-SP (18.5×6.5), Golden Goal 44 Element-SP (12×6.5), Golden Goal 44 Mini-SP (9×4.5)


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